This setting is associated with the use of printers other than the primary printer selected in the Windows Control Panel or the Macintosh Chooser. The Printers setting lets you redirect the printer output to a different printer.

This is practical if for instance you want to print reports to a laser printer and documents, e.g. invoices, to a dot matrix printer using pre-printed continuous stationery.

The printers defined here are used when printing documents. Reports are always printed to the printer specified in the first row of this setting. If this setting is configured as recommended below, this will be the printer selected in the Control Panel (Windows) or the Chooser (Macintosh). Windows users can direct reports to specific printers by opening a list of reports, highlighting one in the list, selecting 'Page Setup' from the File menu and selecting a printer there.

Double-clicking 'Printers' in the 'Settings' list in the System module opens the 'Printers: Inspect' window listing the Printers that have already been entered. To add a new Printer, simply enter its details on the first blank line and click [Save] to save and close. Click the close box to close without saving changes.