Customer Status Report

You can use this setting to specify what will be shown in the Customer Status Report when it is produced by different users using the Operations menu function of the 'Customers: Browse', 'Customer: Inspect', 'Contact Persons: Browse' and 'Contact Person: Inspect' windows. The setting has no effect on Customer Status reports produced using the 'Reports' function in the Sales Ledger.

You can save a separate record in this setting for each Person, so each user can customise the report to their particular requirements. These records are listed when you double-click 'Customer Status Report' in the 'Settings' list in the CRM module. To create a new record, click the [New] button in the Button Bar, or highlight a record in the list that is similar to the one that you are about to create and click [Duplicate].

The window shown below opens. To save a user's Customer Status Report setting, click the close box and elect to save changes.

Paste Special    Person register, System module
Enter the user's initials in the User field, using 'Paste Special' if necessary. Hansa will prevent you from entering more than one record for a particular Person.