Introduction to the Calendar in Standard ERP

The Calendar is useful for booking employees' time and for analysing employee time statistics. Every member of the company can see a particular individual's Calendar, so its graphical format makes it easy to check employees' availability and to schedule major tasks. Numerous reports (e.g. the Personal Calendar report, the Employee Time Statistics report and the Activities, Period report) are compiled using Calendar Activities and these again are useful scheduling and time analysis tools.

To open the Calendar, click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) the [Calendar] button in the Navigation Centre:

You can also use the Ctrl-Shift-L (Windows) or ⌘-Shift-L (Mac OS X) keyboard commands.

When it opens, the Calendar shows the current month. This monthly view is one of the four ways of viewing the Calendar in Standard ERP. These four views are:

Please refer here for details about the features that are in all four views.


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