Introduction to the Task Manager

The Task Manager is a list of Activities sorted by Start Date and Time. Its main purpose is to list Activities that have not yet been completed to provide a check list of tasks to be undertaken. By default, only To Do Activities are included in the list. Usually, these will be Activities representing short tasks, such as telephone calls, that are to be completed on a particular day.

From the Task Manager, you can open an Activity by double-clicking the Activity Text. You can then remind yourself of the details of the Activity before carrying it out. When you have completed the task, you can mark the Activity as Done. When you save the Activity, it will immediately and automatically be removed from the Task Manager. If, as a result of carrying out the Activity, you need to schedule another one for a future time, this can also be done from the Task Manager.

To open the Task Manager, click the [Tasks] button in the Master Control panel:

The Task Manager for the current user (i.e. the Person signed in to Hansa for this work session) is opened, showing To Do Activities in Start Date and Time order. These are Activities whose Start Dates are the current date or earlier and whose Done boxes are not checked.