Delivery Journal

The Delivery Journal produces a list of Deliveries from the Delivery register.

Del No.
Range Reporting    Numeric
Specify the range of Deliveries to be shown in the report. Use a colon (:) to separate the first and last number.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the start and end date of the period whose Deliveries are to be shown in the report. The first record in the Reporting Periods setting is used as a default.

Paste Special    Customers in Contact register
Range Reporting    Alpha
To limit the report to a single Customer, enter the Customer Number here.

Order No.
Range Reporting    Numeric
To limit the report to Deliveries from a particular range of Orders, enter their Order Numbers here. Use a colon (:) to separate the first and last number.

Del. Mode
Paste Special    Delivery Modes setting, Sales Orders module
Use this field to restrict the report to Deliveries of a single Delivery Mode.

Paste Special    Locations setting, Stock module
To limit the report to a single Location, enter the Location Code here. This refers to the Location entered at Delivery level, not those entered for Delivery rows.

Use these options to determine the level of detail to be included in the report.
This choice gives a report with one row per Delivery, showing Delivery Number and Date, Order Number, Customer Number and Name and value of the Delivery.

This option gives a report listing each Item on the Delivery with quantities and unit prices. The full Delivery Address is also shown. You can use this report as an archive file instead of printing a copy of each Delivery.
Use these options to specify whether approved and/or unapproved Deliveries are to be included in the report.

New page for each Customer
Check this box to create a page break after each Customer.

The report is usually sorted by Delivery Number. Selecting this option sorts it by Customer Number and then Delivery Number.