Freight Companies

If your company is one that uses courier or haulage companies to deliver goods to your Customers, to receive goods into stock or to move stock from one Location to another, you can record those companies in this setting. When you enter a Delivery, Goods Receipt, Returned Goods to Supplier or Stock Movement, you can specify a Freight Company on the 'Freight' card, and similarly when you enter an Invoice you can specify a Freight Company on the 'Del. Terms' card. Information about the Freight Company can then be printed on documentation. In the case of the Delivery, this is a legal requirement in some countries.

To work with Freight Companies, first ensure you are in the Stock module. Then, if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, click the [Settings] button in the Navigation Centre and double-click 'Freight Companies' in the resulting list. If you are using iOS or Android, select 'Settings' from the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon) and tap 'Freight Companies' in the 'Settings' list. The 'Freight Companies: Browse' window will open, listing the Freight Companies that you have already entered. Double-click or tap one to modify it or select 'New' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or + menu (iOS/Android) to create a new record. When the record is complete, click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap ‚àö (iOS/Android) in the Button Bar to save changes. Close the window using the close box (Windows/Mac OS X) or by tapping < (iOS/Android), or click the close box or tap < if you don't want to save changes.

Enter the unique code by which the Freight Company is to be identified from elsewhere in Standard ERP. The Code can consist of up to five characters, and you can use both numbers and letters.

Record the name of the Freight Company here.

Registration No.
Enter the Company Registration Number of the Freight Company here.

Truck Info
Use this field to record any relevant information regarding the Freight Company's delivery vehicle (e.g. its registration number).

Enter the name of the driver here.

CMR Text
If you will use the Freight Company in combination with the "CMR" Delivery Mode, enter the text for the consignment note here.
If you need Freight Company information to be printed on documentation, include the following fields in your Form Template designs:

Field in Form TemplatePrints
CMR TextCMR Text
Freight CompanyName
Freight Company CodeCode
Freight Company's Reg. NumberReg. No.
Truck InformationTruck Information

You can use these fields in the Form Templates that will be used when you print Delivery Notes, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Picking Lists, Proforma Deliveries, Returned Goods to Supplier records and Stock Movements.


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