Inspecting and Approving Production Records

When you have completed the assembly process, you should check and approve the instructing Production record. When you approve and save it, stock levels of the components will be reduced and that of the Output Item will be increased. There are two ways to approve a Production record:
  1. With the Production record on screen, click the Finished check box (assuming the Production was completed successfully), or the Finished but Discarded check box (if there was a failure) and save.

  2. Select a Production record by clicking on it in the 'Productions: Browse' window, and select 'Finish' from the Operations menu. By holding down the Shift key you can highlight a batch of Production records to approve at a single stroke using this method.
On approval, if so defined in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and in the Number Series - Productions setting, a cost accounting Transaction will be created in the Nominal Ledger. Please refer to the Nominal Ledger Transactions from Production Records page for details of the Accounts used by this Transaction.


Once you have marked a Production record as Finished or Finished but Discarded, you will no longer be able to change it.

If you have marked a Production record as Finished and saved it, you can reverse this action using the 'Disassemble' function on the Operation menu.


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