User Defined Field Labels - Extra Costs

The Goods Receipt record contains five fields that you can use to collect any "extra costs' (shown on the 'Extra Costs' card). Any amounts in these fields will be credited to the corresponding Extra Cost Accrual Accounts on the 'Purchase Cost' card of the Account Usage Stock setting when you approve the Goods Receipt. Use this setting to give names to these Extra Costs so that every user knows what to enter into each one.

Use the [Select Module] button in the Master Control panel to enter the Stock module and then select 'Settings' from the File menu or click the [Settings] button, also in the Master Control panel. Double-click 'User Def. Field Labels - Extra Costs' in the resulting list. The 'User Defined Field Labels - Extra Costs: Inspect' window opens. Make changes as required and then click the [Save] button in the Button Bar to save changes and close the window. Click the close box if you do not want to save changes.

Enter field labels as appropriate and as shown in the illustration. You may need to quit HansaWorld Enterprise and restart before any changes made in this setting can take effect. The field labels will be used on the 'Purchase Cost' and 'Variances' cards of the Account Usage Stock setting:

The same field labels will appear on the 'Extra Costs' card of the Goods Receipt (and on flip H of the 'Items' card):