Minimum Stock Levels

You can use the Min. Level field on the 'Stock' card of each Item record to specify the minimum quantity of the Item that can be held in stock. If you need to specify a minimum stock level for each Location, use this setting.

The 'Create Purchase Orders' function in the Purchase Orders module (on the Operations menu of the 'Purchase Orders: Browse' window) will create Purchase Orders with sufficient quantities to ensure that the stock balance for each Item is made up to the minimum stock level, taking into account quantities on Sales Orders that cannot be delivered from stock ("stocking" Orders). This minimum stock level will be calculated by adding the Minimum Stock Level records for the Item together. If there are no records in the Minimum Stock Levels setting for a particular Item, the minimum stock level will be taken from the Item record. For this reason, if you are using the Minimum Stock Levels setting, it is recommended that you leave the Min. Level field in each Item empty.

This setting is also used in the Deficiency List and Purchasing Suggestion reports, which produce purchase proposals and which you can use to preview the Purchase Orders that will be created by the function described in the previous paragraph. If you do not specify a Location when you produce these reports, the minimum stock level shown for each Item will