Creating Work Sheet Transactions (Checking and Approving Work Sheets)

Once you have entered a Work Sheet, it should be checked and approved, to ensure that it accurately reflects the hard copy time sheet submitted by the employee. Normally, this task will be carried out by an appointed manager.

When you approve and save a Work Sheet, an appropriate number of records is created in the Work Sheet Transaction register (one for each row in the Work Sheet). These Work Sheet Transaction records are the mechanism by which Invoices will later be created for time spent and spare parts used. Stock levels of any Stocked Items (i.e. spare parts used) will be amended. If you have determined that cost accounting transactions (i.e. you are maintaining a stock value in the Nominal Ledger) are to be created from Work Sheets (using the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger), a stock Transaction in the Nominal Ledger will also be raised if any Stocked Items have been used in the Work Sheet. The nature of this Transaction is described on the Nominal Ledger Transactions from Work Sheets page. Please click here for a more general description of cost accounting.

To approve a Work Sheet, open it, check the OK box and save it.